The participants in the program will be nurtured to intellectual, research and academic excellence already within the framework of the first degree studies. ​​

The main points of the program:
The possibility to join the salary as research assistants already upon admission to studies, and to gain practical and practical experience for at least three semesters.

A unique research course, for the members of the program in the fourth semester of their studies, during which they will be exposed to various projects of the Faculty of Engineering.

Special assignments in elective courses in the department and the right to take advanced courses at the master's degree level also from other departments in the faculty during the third year of their studies.

Various benefits at the expense of the department, loan of a laptop for the study period, priority in employment as teaching assistants, exercise testers and departmental tutors, allocation of an office to students in the program for study and joint work, opportunities to be practically integrated into research projects and final projects in the integration of industry and tours and special events for the selected students.

Semester awards and scholarships.

Annual certificate of excellence on behalf of the Department of Information Systems Engineering as part of an official ceremony as part of a departmental project presentation day.

Certificate of participation in the program.

Candidates with an engineering score of 550 and a minimum of 700 in the psychometric score can be admitted to the program. Also, students in their first year with the highest grades in the cycle (average above 90) could apply to transfer to the outstanding program.​

Staying in the program throughout the degree is conditional on maintaining a high grade point average and active participation in academic life. ​​​​​​

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