The study program for the master's degree - M.Sc. Information systems engineering is designed to train professionals to engage in research, planning, development and management of information systems.

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Information systems engineering deals with the analysis, design, development, use and management of computerized information systems in organizations and society. The purpose of the study program in information systems engineering is to train graduates with a quality education who can participate beneficially in the implementation of computerized information systems for operational and managerial purposes. The program provides students with principles and techniques that constitute the main knowledge base for professionals in computerized systems in the modern technological environment.

An information systems engineer may work in various organizations in the private or public sector where information systems are developed and used, including software houses, computer consulting companies, government offices, banks, finance and insurance companies, industrial plants, medical institutions, marketing and electronic commerce organizations, universities and research institutions. In light of all this, it is clear that the curriculum in information systems engineering is interdisciplinary and includes, in addition to courses in the field of information systems, a wide variety of courses in the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering sciences and management and economic sciences.

The study program for the Master's degree (M.Sc) in Information Systems Engineering is designed to train professionals to engage in research, planning, development and management of software and information systems. The program is mainly intended for graduates of software and information systems engineering and computer science, but it is open to graduates of engineering and other sciences close to the field of software and information systems.


  Registration conditions

Eligible to enroll in the master's degree program in information systems engineering are those who have a bachelor's degree in information systems engineering, software engineering, or computer science from Ben-Gurion University or similar qualifications in terms of content and academic level at recognized academic institutions in Israel or abroad whose average grades in the bachelor's degree is at least 80 and are in - The top 20% of the rank, with the exception of the "Security of the Online Space" program in which there is a requirement for an average of at least 82 in the first degree.

Bachelor's degree holders in other subjects of engineering and natural sciences who are in the upper percentiles (rank 3% or higher) of their departments will be discussed by the teaching committee for qualified studies as special cases.

All the conditions described above, for all tracks and candidates, are threshold conditions for registration. The admissions committee will also rank the candidates according to additional criteria, such as: the candidate's rank in relation to other graduates who studied for the same degree, the candidate's professional experience, compliance with the admission conditions for the bachelor's degree, and more.

The admissions committee may require the completion of up to four undergraduate courses according to their previous studies. Candidates whose education requires the completion of more than four courses will not be admitted to the supplementary studies for a master's degree.


  The curriculum

The program consists of 8 courses (24 credits) of which at least 6 courses are from the field of information systems and the remainder can be from other fields (such as computer science), in coordination with the supervisor assigned to each student.

In addition to the courses, the student must carry out a research work (thesis) amounting to 12 credits, participate in a departmental research seminar and present his research within this framework.

Completion courses

A student admitted to a master's degree, and in particular one who is not a graduate of information systems engineering or software engineering, may be required to take supplementary courses and will have to complete them by the end of the second semester of his studies and meet a grade of 80 in each course. You can take supplementary courses from among the courses offered as part of the first degree at Ben Gurion University or equivalent courses at recognized universities. The list of supplementary courses will be determined by a departmental teaching committee and with the approval of a faculty teaching committee. ​

Outstanding students are invited to transfer in the fourth year directly to master's studies as part of the MITR track (excellent bachelor's degrees) in the software and information systems engineering department or in the computer science department.

This extension is intended for outstanding students whose academic achievements are high and who wish to continue directly to their master's degree studies.​

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