The specialization in machine learning and big data analytics as part of a master's degree in information systems engineering​ is designed to train researchers and professionals at a high analytical and practical level in the fields of data engineering, data mining, machine learning Learning), Deep Learning, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

The specialization in computational learning and big data analysis deals with the collection and analysis of various types of data with the aim of generating new information, knowledge or insights regarding complex processes in the real world. Over the years, this field has become a decisive factor in the competitive environment and is used by all levels of the organization, starting with operational decisions and ending with the improvement of strategic planning. The studies meet the clear need of the economy for professionals in the fields of Big Data, data engineering, data science, learning systems and data mining.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is known as a leader in the field of data science in Israel and around the world, and offers students in the program fascinating research areas, some of them in collaboration with international companies.

The university offers competitive scholarships to applicants who wish to study as full-time researchers.

Who is the program suitable for?

The studies are mainly suitable for graduates of bachelor's degrees in the fields of engineering or other exact sciences.

If necessary, the admission conditions may include supplementary courses in statistics, data mining, programming or any other relevant field as decided by the teaching committee.​