The third degree studies leading to the degree "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.) at Ben-Gurion University are conducted according to the procedures of the Kreitman School for Advanced Research Studies (hereafter Kreitman School).

The third degree studies in information systems engineering are designed to train high-level researchers for research and teaching positions in academia and research institutions, as well as for key positions in the fields of information systems in the knowledge-intensive industry and in the various branches of the economy.

The studies for the third degree are adapted to the background, experience and field of research of each student. The main part of the study is expressed in the performance and writing of a research paper (Dissertation). As part of his studies, the student will be required to take courses, carry out the research work and participate in the ongoing research and teaching activities in the department.
The regulations and study arrangements for the degree are described in the academic regulations published by B.S. Kreitman.

Admission conditions
Admission requirements and registration procedures are detailed on the Kreitman School website. The conditions listed here supplement those defined there.
Applications to register for the third degree studies in information systems engineering can be submitted by those who meet the following conditions:
  1. Holders of a master's degree in information systems engineering or computer science or software engineering or related fields, who studied at Ben-Gurion University or another recognized university, and performed research work (thesis).
  2. The average grade of the master's degree - 85 or higher; Thesis grade - also 85 or higher.
​After all the documents needed to process the candidate's admission arrive at the Kreitman School, they will be forwarded to the Doctoral Studies Committee of the department for handling and discussion. The committee will have the right to require the candidate to submit additional documents, such as:
A document of research intentions/goals - detailing the candidate's background, the areas of research that interest him, his goals and plans during and after the studies. If possible, the document will also include a preliminary research proposal. (All this in the scope of only 2-4 pages).
A copy of the thesis he wrote as part of his master's degree (possible in the form of a file)​​.
Copies of articles he has published or submitted for publication in journals or other professional channels.
Details of professional experience in fields relevant to the planned research.
Also, the candidate may be invited to an interview before the committee members and other faculty members, including the designated supervisor.

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