A bachelor's degree in data engineering (B.Sc.) within the department of software and information systems engineering is a unique and innovative degree. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is one of the only institutions in Israel where the degree is taught, and the Department of Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev currently has the highest concentration of expert faculty members who research and teach the field. The degree trains data engineers who will handle all the processes of data handling, including: collection, extraction, analysis, presentation and drawing conclusions.

Data engineering is a field that deals with data analysis and extracting information and knowledge from the huge amount (big data) of data created and existing in the world today. The digital revolution in which we live allows us to generate and store huge amounts of data and the accepted assessment is that the amount of data created in the world in the last two years is significantly greater than the amount of data created before that since the dawn of history. Each person leaves behind digital traces of about three gigabytes of data every day, meaning about three billion numbers and letters every day.

The leading companies in the world, such as Google or Facebook, understand today that the large amount of data they store, for example information about customers, processes and transactions, is one of their greatest assets. Advanced methods in artificial intelligence and computational learning enable intelligent analysis of the data and give a great advantage to its owners. Data engineers develop methods for extracting and analyzing data for the purposes of predicting and automatically understanding patterns and processes in data in diverse fields.

The granting of the degree is subject to the approval of the Council for Higher Education.

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