bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in the department

The discipline of software and information systems engineering deals with the analysis, design, development, implementation and management of computerized information systems in organizations and society. The purpose of the study program in information systems engineering is to train high-quality engineers who can integrate into all stages of the development and operation of computerized information systems.

The curriculum provides students with principles and techniques that constitute the main knowledge base for professionals in a variety of positions in computerized information systems in the modern technological environment. The studies in the professional field of information systems engineering include fundamental subjects in the field such as: analysis and design of systems and databases as well as courses related to advanced information technologies such as: information retrieval, data mining, information security, medical information systems, distributed databases, machine learning and more.

A graduate of information systems engineering may play diverse roles in the field, such as: characterization of computing needs of organizations, analysis and design of the software, user interfaces and the database. Programming, implementation, security, data analysis, as well as operation and management of computer units and information systems.

An information systems engineer may work in various organizations in the private and public sector where they develop and use

in computerized systems, including: start-up companies, software houses, computer consulting companies, government offices, banks, finance and insurance companies, industrial plants, medical institutions, marketing and e-commerce organizations, universities and research institutions. In light of all this, it is clear that the curriculum in information systems engineering is interdisciplinary and includes, in addition to courses in the field of information systems engineering and software, also a wide variety of courses in the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering sciences and management sciences and economics.

The study tracks for the bachelor's degree in the department:
• Bachelor's degree in information systems engineering
• Normal route
• Trend number 1 - specialization in artificial intelligence
• Trend number 2 - business intelligence and data mining
• Trend number 3 - data security and information warfare
• Trend number 4 - Information Systems Analysis and Design
• Bachelor's degree in data engineering
• Bachelor's degree in software engineering (in collaboration with the computer science department)

Study program for a master's degree in information systems engineering (M.Sc)
The study program for the Master's degree (M.Sc) in information systems engineering is designed to train researchers and quality professionals to engage in research, planning, development and management of information systems and advanced information and data technologies. The program is mainly intended for graduates of information systems engineering, software engineering and computer science. But it is also open to graduates of engineering and other sciences close to the field of information systems. The department maintains a special program with a focus on the security of the online space and a program with a focus on data mining and business intelligence and a fast track for excellent students within the MITR program for engineering (with excellent bachelor's degrees).

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