The Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering offers a degree in Information Systems Engineering as well as a degree in Software Engineering in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science.

The purpose of the degree program in information systems engineering is to train students with a quality education who can participate in a useful way in the planning, development, establishment and implementation of computerized systems.

The curriculum provides students with principles and techniques that constitute the main knowledge base for professionals in a variety of positions in computerized information systems in the modern technological environment. The studies in the professional field of information systems engineering include fundamental subjects in the field such as: analysis and design of systems and databases as well as courses related to advanced information technologies such as: information retrieval, data mining, information security, medical information systems, distributed databases, machine learning and more. ​​​

Head of Department Meir Kalech

The Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering trains engineers with a unique education who integrate into the industry in fields related to innovative data and information technologies in the roles of software development, research, data engineering and analysis of computer systems in a data-rich environment. The diverse fields of study and research programs in the department were built on the basis of current and future industry needs, which provide a response to the developing information market, such as: information security (cyber), business intelligence (BI), data mining, information warfare, artificial intelligence, big data, social networks , cloud computing, advanced information technologies and more.

The degree program in information systems engineering combines theoretical and practical aspects of the profession. In the fourth year of study, a student can choose to study in one of the specialization trends unique to the department: the security of the online space, data mining and business intelligence, artificial intelligence and systems analysis. Graduates of the department are in high demand in the industry and fill a variety of positions, including: programmers, security officers, algorithmists, system analysts, entrepreneurs and more. Graduates have a significant advantage in new technologies in the field of data engineering and information security (cyber).
We believe in fostering academic excellence, along with the vibrant social and campus life and the study atmosphere unique to the university. We also believe in close ties and collaborations with leading companies in the local and international industry.