​Bachelor's degree B.Sc
The department teaches at a high level and therefore strives to admit outstanding students for the B.Sc. degree​

​Eligible to enroll in the master's degree program in information systems engineering, who have a bachelor's degree from a recognized academic institution in Israel or abroad in information systems engineering, software engineering, or computer science, or in industrial engineering and management whose grades in the bachelor's degree are at least 80 and are in the top 20% of the ranking, or have a bachelor's grade average of at least 80 who are between the top 20%-50% of the rank and also meet the admission requirements for a bachelor's degree in the department. Holders of a bachelor's degree in other subjects of engineering and natural sciences who are in the top percentiles (rank) of their departments will be discussed by a teaching committee for qualified studies As special cases. Those admitted to the program who do not have a bachelor's degree in information systems engineering or software engineering are required to complete bachelor's degree courses in accordance with their previous studies - as determined by the teaching committee. 36 Curriculum The curriculum for the master's degree includes supplementary courses from the bachelor's degree program (according to the admission conditions of each student) , 8 master's degree courses totaling 24 credits and writing a thesis (research paper) weighing 12 credits. In addition, the student is required to participate in a research seminar of the Department of Information Systems Engineering and present his research within the seminar.​​​

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