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neuron.pngNeurobiology of Diseases and Rehabilitation


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Cognitive sciences are based on multidisciplinary studies that deal with understanding the abilities and functions controlled by the brain, and the way they are reflected in decision-making and in the performance of various actions. The researchers engaged in this research combine knowledge from various fields such as psychology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, and engineering. The research examines different dimensions of cognition starting with learning and memory, through planning, language, perception and attention, to the representation of information and computational models that describe the decisions the brain makes. The purpose of these studies is to help in making decisions, planning systems and healing limitations in brain activity.

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Prof. Galia 98, room 215PsychologyPersonal website
Brain connectivity, perception, interoception, fMRI, functional connectivity, gastric-brain interactions, face processing​


Prof. Ohad 37, room 114Computer SciencePersonal website
Theoretical computational vision; Applied computer vision and (often biologically inspired) robot vision; human visual perception and visual psychophysics; Visual computational neuroscience; Animal vision (with particular interest in marine species)


Prof. Yoella 98, room 321PsychologyPersonal website

Decision Making, Risk, Judgement under uncertainty

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Prof. Andrea 98, room 313PsychologyPersonal website
EEG/ERP, Cognitive Development, Attention, Executive Functions, Self-Regulation, Error-Detection, ADHD, FASD

Dr. Yuval 15, room 313Health Policy and ManagementPersonal website
Cognitive systems engineering, decision making​


Prof. Ariel 74, 524Foreign Literatures and LinguisiticsPersonal website

​Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Logic, Human probabilistic reasoning​

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Prof. Julie 17,room 114Social Work & Center for Women's Health Studies and PromotionPersonal website
cognitive behavioral interventions, women's health, neurobiofeedback, cognitive decline due to cancer, chemobrain, stress and coping


Prof. Ilan 98, room 216PsychologyPersonal website
Autism, EEG, MRI, fMRI, Sleep, Sensory Systems, Motor Systems, Psychophysics, ASD, Child development, Speech, Motor control, Eye tracking, Vision, Audition, Somatosensory, Tactile, Facial expressions
Prof. Opher 63, room 124Biomedical EngineeringPersonal website
Motor learning, motor systems, cerebellum, motor adaptation, arm movements, motor cortex, ataxia​
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Dr. Or, room 509Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Community Health SciencesPersonal website
PTSD, Mechanism of change in PTSD, Neuroscience of Learning, Aversive learning mechanism, Brain circuitry of aversive memory

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Dr. Nir 93, room 14Brain and Cognitive SciencesPersonal website

​Automaticity; Skill acquisition; Habit formation; Cognitively controlled processes; Inhibition of automatic responses; Philosophy of computation; Philosophy of information; Philosophy of cognition; Computational explanation in cognitive neuroscience​


Prof. Alon University Medical Center, Floor 6, Room 626Physiology and Cell BiologyPersonal website
Blood-brain barrier-, Epilepsy, Neuroimaging-, Neurophysiology, Neurological disorders


Prof. Kobi 96, room 223Software and Information Systems EngineeringPersonal website
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Decision Making, Learning Analytics, Big Data and Education, Ethical Reasoning in AI
Dr. Tal 93, room 4Cognitive and Brain SciencesPersonal website
Cognitive Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Visual Perception, Psychophysics, Neuroimaging​
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Prof. Avishai 95, room 003PsychologyPersonal website
Numerical cognition, attention, executive functions, Stroop, emotion, pupillometry, synesthesia, cognitive neuroscience

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Prof. Yoav 96, room 405PsychologyPersonal website
ERP, EEG, fMRI, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, memory, working memory, cognitive control


Dr. Shira 41, room 215Physiology and Cell BiologyPersonal website
Molecular and Cognitive Neuroscience


Dr. Tamar 98, room 107PsychologyPersonal website

​neurodevelopmental disorders, autism, ADHD, perception, attention, brain imaging, fMRI, diffusion MRI, spectroscopy (MRS)​


Prof. Shellyבניין דייכמן למקצועות הבריאות, חדר 322Physical TherapyPersonal website

Shahar M_new.jpg

Dr. Shachar 63, room 201Biomedical engineeringPersonal website
spatial cognition, navigation, computational neuroscience, virtual reality, augmented reality, naturalistic science, spatial memory, multisensory interaction, sensory substitution,
Prof. Yifat 42, room 121ChemistryPersonal website
Neurodegenerative diseases, Amyloid beta, Tau protein, Alpha-synuclein, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Computational Biophysics


Prof. Ilana 64, room 105Biomedical EngineeringPersonal website
Computational motor control, sensorimotor control, motor learning, multisensory integration, perception and action, human-robot physical interaction, human and machine learning, haptics, neurorehabilitation
Dr. Niv 98, room 318PsychologyPersonal website
stereotypes, social cognitive neuroscience, reward, face perception

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Dr. Talya 93, room 22The Department of Cognitive and Brain SciencesPersonal website
Episodic Memory, Cognitive Neuroscience
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Prof. Ronen 40, room 311Life SciencesPersonal website
Fish neurobiology, vision, spatial cognition, goldfish, archerfish, electrophysiology​

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Prof. Yuval 96, room 226Software and Information Systems EngineeringPersonal website
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Informatics, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Temporal Reasoning, Temporal Data Mining, Decision Analysis, EEG analysis

ליאור שמואלוף.jpg

Dr. lior 93, room 20cognitive and brain sciencesPersonal website
motor control, motor learning, rehabilitation, cognitive neuroscience, imaging

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Dr. Maor Wolfsmithmaorwolf@gmail.comBuilding 72, room 67EducationPersonal website
Language, Schizophrenia, Moral values
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Prof. Abraham 40 office 109 lab 110, 111Life SciencesPersonal website
Brain Stimulation, Reward, Addiction, Depression, Attention, Neuroplasticity, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Deep TMS, Behavior, electrophysiology, EEG