What is Brain Sciences and Cognition?

The mind is a wonderful, complex and mysterious "machine". The study of the phenomena, capacities, processes, and mechanisms underlying human behavior are among the most fascinating and difficult challenges that science faces. 

The studies we conduct are designed to answer questions such as:

152-question-mark.pngIs the brain organized to achieve certain abilities, and how? Is there a connection in this organization in brains that are apparently very different from each other?

152-question-mark.pngHow do we remember? How do we learn? How do we understand what we see? 
152-question-mark.pngIs awareness created from the activity of a collection of nerve cells? If so, how?
152-question-mark.pngWhat happens in a brain that is diseased? Can it be treated, and how can it be "repaired"? 
152-question-mark.pngIs it possible to apply insights from the brain in the building of thinking machines and robots?

In addressing such questions, the School of Brain Sciences and Cognition connects diverse disciplines:

cognitive sciences, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, mathematics, engineering sciences, health sciences, physiology, psychology, and life sciences.


Why come to study with us?

brain.jpg​It is one of the most fascinating and challenging topics in science! 
compass.jpgAll areas of brain sciences and cognition are on one campus and within walking distance
Picture12.pngFirst-rate faculty members across the spectrum of fields and methodologies 
autism.png​​​There are unprecedented opportunities for research collaborations and interaction
Picture13.pngThe Braintech student community is energetic and inviting
fireworks.jpgA good and lively social atmosphere, both on and off campus
Picture1.png​​Close supervision and personal attention at all levels
money.jpgGenerous scholarships + tuition funding + teaching assistant positions
work.jpg​Unique skills for integration into the employment market in a variety of fields and on numerous levels

Do you want to make a significant impact on the world? Join the effort to better understand... ourselves!

 What is the next step?

check.pngDecide which research topic(s) you are interested in. 

check.pngReview the list of supervisors on the website. Examine their research topics and activities in their laboratory, and look for compatibility with them. 

check.pngTalk to suitable supervisors and get information about research projects and the activity in their laboratory. And remember that personal chemistry is no less important! 

check.pngTalk to research students in the relevant labs. 

check.pngContact us (the school) for advice. 

check.pngJoint guidance from supervisors from different departments is also possible!

check.pngMake sure you meet the admission requirements for a higher degree in the supervisor's department. 

check.pngRegister for the department. 

check.pngAfter being admitted to the department, update the School of Brain Sciences and Cognition as well. 

check.pngAsk your supervisor to assist with the submission of an application for a school scholarship. 

check.png​PhD students? Enlist the help of your supervisor submit a scholarship application to the Kreitman School


So if you too are interested in thinking outside the box about what is happening… inside it, then you belong with us!


phone.jpgFor advice you can contact: 

Prof. Ohad Ben Shahar - Head of the School (ben-shahar@cs.bgu.ac.il

Prof. Daniel Gitler - Chairman of the Teaching Committee (gitler@bgu.ac.il

• Faculty Staff at the school 

Ms. Anat Ben Haroush - appointed to the director of the school (stiener@bgu.ac.il

Registration for studies is done via the website ​

Registration and application for the school scholarship is until the date that will be published on the school website. ​