About the School of Brain Sciences and Cognition

  • The School of Brain Sciences and Cognition consolidates all areas of research and teaching on brain sciences and cognition at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

  • The researchers are engaged in a variety of fields of neuroscience and cognition, starting from the molecular and cellular level, up to the cognitive and behavioral levels, using a variety of methodologies, theoretical, computational, experimental and app

  • There are about 70 researchers from 18 academic departments who work in about 50 laboratories at the school.

  • About 250 students studying for various degrees are currently doing research in the school's laboratories, and they will soon join over 700 graduates who have already completed their groundbreaking research.

  • The fields of research and study at the school provide the extensive foundations required for the training of researchers and entrepreneurs of the future generation in neuroscience and cognition.

  • We invite you to join us on the fascinating journey to deciphering the discoveries of neuroscience and cognition.