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Prof. Ohad Ben-Shaharben-shahar@cs.bgu.ac.ilBuilding 37, room 114Computer SciencePersonal website
Theoretical computational vision; Applied computer vision and (often biologically inspired) robot vision; human visual perception and visual psychophysics; Visual computational neuroscience; Animal vision (with particular interest in marine species)
Prof. Daniel Berendberend@cs.bgu.ac.ilBuilding 37,room 2131. Mathematics. 2. Computer Science.Personal website
Applied Probability, Combinatorial Optimization

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Prof. Shlomi Dolevdolev@cs.bgu.ac.ilBuilding 37, room 506Computer SciencePersonal website
Prof. Opher Donchindonchin@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 63, room 124Biomedical EngineeringPersonal website
Motor learning, motor systems, cerebellum, motor adaptation, arm movements, motor cortex, ataxia​


Prof. Jihad El-Sanael-sana@cs.bgu.ac.ilBuilding 37, room 111Computer SciencePersonal website
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Prof. Dana Fismandana@cs.bgu.ac.ilBuilding 37, room 113Computer SciencePersonal website
Dr. Tal Golangolan.neuro@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 93, room 4Cognitive and Brain SciencesPersonal website
Cognitive Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Visual Perception, Psychophysics, Neuroimaging​


Prof. David Golombgolomb@bgu.ac.ilBuilding M6, room 427Physiology and Cell BiologyPersonal website
Theoretical and computational neuroscience, dynamics, neurophysics, numerical simulations, brainstem, spinal cord, thalamus, cortex, system neuroscience.

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Dr. Shachar Maidenbaummshachar@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 63, room 201Biomedical engineeringPersonal website
spatial cognition, navigation, computational neuroscience, virtual reality, augmented reality, naturalistic science, spatial memory, multisensory interaction, sensory substitution,
Prof. Yifat Millerymiller@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 42, room 121ChemistryPersonal website
Neurodegenerative diseases, Amyloid beta, Tau protein, Alpha-synuclein, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Computational Biophysics


Prof. Ilana Niskynisky@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 64, room 105Biomedical EngineeringPersonal website
Computational motor control, sensorimotor control, motor learning, multisensory integration, perception and action, human-robot physical interaction, human and machine learning, haptics, neurorehabilitation
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Prof. Ronen Segevronensgv@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 40, room 311Life SciencesPersonal website
Fish neurobiology, vision, spatial cognition, goldfish, archerfish, electrophysiology​

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Prof. Maoz Shamirshmaoz@bgu.ac.ilBuilding M6, room 429Physiology and cell biologyPersonal website
Computational neuroscience: the neural code, plasticity and learning in the CNS

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Dr. lior shmuelofshmuelof@bgu.ac.ilBuilding 93, room 20cognitive and brain sciencesPersonal website
motor control, motor learning, rehabilitation, cognitive neuroscience, imaging