Computational cognition, learning, and intelligence refer to the application of computational and mathematical models to understand and replicate cognitive processes and behaviors in humans and animals. This interdisciplinary field combines concepts from computer science, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and philosophy to explore the mechanisms underlying human cognition and intelligence, as well as to develop artificial intelligence systems that can perform human-like tasks. Computational models are used to simulate and test various hypotheses about cognitive processes such as perception, attention, memory, language, decision-making, and problem-solving. The insights gained from this field have practical applications in areas such as robotics, education, healthcare, and the development of intelligent systems.

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Prof. Ohad 37, room 114Computer SciencePersonal website
Theoretical computational vision; Applied computer vision and (often biologically inspired) robot vision; human visual perception and visual psychophysics; Visual computational neuroscience; Animal vision (with particular interest in marine species)


Prof. Ariel 74, 524Foreign Literatures and LinguisiticsPersonal website

​Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Logic, Human probabilistic reasoning​

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Prof. Julie 17,room 114Social Work & Center for Women's Health Studies and PromotionPersonal website
cognitive behavioral interventions, women's health, neurobiofeedback, cognitive decline due to cancer, chemobrain, stress and coping
Prof. Opher 63, room 124Biomedical EngineeringPersonal website
Motor learning, motor systems, cerebellum, motor adaptation, arm movements, motor cortex, ataxia​
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Dr. Or, room 509Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Community Health SciencesPersonal website
PTSD, Mechanism of change in PTSD, Neuroscience of Learning, Aversive learning mechanism, Brain circuitry of aversive memory
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Prof. Dana 37, room 113Computer SciencePersonal website
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Dr. Oren 37, room 204Computer SciencePersonal website
Computer Vision, Machine Learning


Prof. Kobi 96, room 223Software and Information Systems EngineeringPersonal website
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Decision Making, Learning Analytics, Big Data and Education, Ethical Reasoning in AI
Dr. Tal 93, room 4Cognitive and Brain SciencesPersonal website
Cognitive Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Visual Perception, Psychophysics, Neuroimaging​

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Dr. Shachar 63, room 201Biomedical engineeringPersonal website
spatial cognition, navigation, computational neuroscience, virtual reality, augmented reality, naturalistic science, spatial memory, multisensory interaction, sensory substitution,


Prof. Ilana 64, room 105Biomedical EngineeringPersonal website
Computational motor control, sensorimotor control, motor learning, multisensory integration, perception and action, human-robot physical interaction, human and machine learning, haptics, neurorehabilitation
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Dr. Yuval 37, room 203Computer SciencePersonal website
natural language processing, NLP, machine learning, Deep learning, Computational Linguistics
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Prof. Tammy Riklin 33, room 212Electrical and Computer EngineeringPersonal website
Computational Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Brain MRI
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Prof. Ronen 40, room 311Life SciencesPersonal website
Fish neurobiology, vision, spatial cognition, goldfish, archerfish, electrophysiology​

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Prof. Yuval 96, room 226Software and Information Systems EngineeringPersonal website
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Informatics, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Temporal Reasoning, Temporal Data Mining, Decision Analysis, EEG analysis

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Dr. lior 93, room 20cognitive and brain sciencesPersonal website
motor control, motor learning, rehabilitation, cognitive neuroscience, imaging

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Dr. Elior 72, room 67Software and Information Systems EngineeringPersonal website

​​​​Computational Linguistics, Child Language Acquisition, Computational Pyscholinguistics, Computational Semantics​.​