A number of the  courses on the following list are not given each year.
For the actual courses with their respective schedule please refer to the timetable

​Course #
001-2-0003​Chemistry of Water
001-2-0004​Vadoze Zone Hydrology
001-2-0009​Physics of Bacterial Communities
001-2-0015​Membrane Preparation and Characterization​3
001-2-0016​Physicochemical Technologies for Water Treatment​2
001-2-0017​Polymer Science and Polymeric Membranes​3
001-2-0021​Biomimetic Innovation Approaches​3
001-2-0022​Stable Isotope Application in Contaminant Hydrology
001-2-0027​Flow and water quality in streams: Theory and practice
001-2-0032​Advanced Chemistry in Water Technologies​3
001-2-0153​Writing a Scientific Paper​2
001-2-1103​Introduction to Dryland Ecology
001-2-1200BGU Radio Academy – Podcast production
001-2-2005​Plant Physiology under Stress
001-2-2006​Mechanistic Approach to Plant Nutrition
001-2-2015​Introduction to Aquaculture
​001-2-2017​Plant Perception, Tranduction and Response to Environmental Signals
001-2-2021​Aquatic Animal Health
001-2-2025​Practical Fish Disease Diagnosis (A)
​001-2-2026Practical Fish Disease Diagnosis (B)​1
001-2-2027Practical Fish Disease Diagnosis (C)​1
001-2-2035​Crop Irrigation Regimes​3
001-2-2036​Molecular Biology and Epigenetics​2
001-2-2037​Guided Reading on Stress Sensing in Plants
001-2-2038​Soil Physics​3
001-2-2039​Advanced Modeling of Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in Porous Media Using HYDRUS Software Packages​2
​001-2-2040​Lab Course in Epigenetics
001-2-2041​Plant Reproduction​3
001-2-2043​Plant Stress Indications: Methods and Instrumentation​2
001-2-2046​Analysis of Biological Networks​2.5
001-2-2049​Physiology, Reproduction and Use of Cactus Species
001-2-2051​Guided Reading on Lipid Metabolism​2
001-2-2054​Guided Reading on Topics in the Ecophysiology of Desert Plants​2
001-2-2055​Genetic and Physiological Regulation of Fruit Ripening​2
001-2-2056​Guided Reading on Advanced Topics in Plant and Microalgae Lipid Biochemistry
001-2-2059​Carbon Metabolism and Photosynthesis in a Changing Environment​2
001-2-2060​History of the landuse, agriculture and domestication
001-2-2065​The Physiology and Metabolism of Fruits: Genetics Vs Environment​4
001-2-2066​Metabolomics Laboratory​2
001-2-2067​Understanding and Modeling of Agricultural Systems - Guided reading​2
001-2-2069​Lipid Biochemistry of Microalgae and Plants
001-2-2070​Biology and Biotechnology of Microalgae​3
001-2-2071​Molecular Mechanism of Plant-Insect Interactions​3
001-2-2073​Introduction to Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics​2
001-2-2074​Viticulture in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments​3
001-2-2075​Terrestrial Biogeochemsitry​3
001-2-2076​Practical Environmental Cytometry​2.5
001-2-2077​Grape and Wine Science​2.5
001-2-2078​Principles and Practice of Microscopy​2
001-2-2079​Chemical Ecology Spring Workshop​2
001-2-2080​Physiology of Aquatic Microbes​3
001-2-2173​Guided Reading on Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics​2
001-2-2203​Adsorption and Reactivity of Chemicals in Soils3​
001-2-2204​Agricultural and Environmental Aspects in Soil Sciences​3
001-2-2205​Modeling in the Earth Sciences​3
001-2-2206​Earth Observation Space Missions for Agricultural Monitoring​3
001-2-2289​Guided Reading on Molecular and Systems Biology Approaches to Plant Stress Tolerance Research​2
001-2-2290​Guided Reading on Aquatic Animal Health
​001-2-2300​Guided Reading on Plant Metabolism: Authentic to Synthetic
001-2-2301​Guided Reading Course on Calculating the Aridity Index from Meteorological Time Series
001-2-2302​Guided Reading on Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry​2
001-2-2668​PhD workshop
001-2-3001​Evolutionary Ecology of Phenotypic Plasticity​3
001-2-3020​The Ecology of Plant Animal Interactions​3
001-2-3023​Echolocation and Bat-Insect Interactions in Desert Habitats
001-2-3035​Biophysical Ecology in the Namib Desert: Online Course
001-2-3037​Tutorial in Evolution​2
001-2-3039​Evolutionary Ecology of Parasitism​3
001-2-3045​Conservation Genetics​3
001-2-3047​Global changes and the biodiversity crisis​2
001-2-3078​Personal Projects in Evolutionary Ecology​3
001-2-3079​Scientific Presentation​2
001-2-3080​Life History Evolution
001-2-3082​Ecology and Evolution of Dispersal
001-2-3083​Community Ecology​3
001-2-3084​Evolutionary Ecology​4
001-2-3085​Conservation Biology: Philosophy and Ethics​2
001-2-3086​Microbial Ecology from the Ecologist Point of View​3
001-2-3087​Conservation Ecology
001-2-3089​Animal Behavior in Conservation Biology​3
001-2-3091​Contemporary Topics in Israeli Nature Conservation –Workshop​3
001-2-3092​The Use of Animal Cognition Principles in Conservation​2
001-2-3093​Arthropod Behavior and Agroecology​2
001-2-3096​Invasion Biology
001-2-3097​Science Communication
001-2-3099​Molecular Ecology and Evolution
​001-2-3135​Biophysical Ecology in the Namib Desert: Field Workshop​2
001-2-3333​Guided Reading on the Ecology of Parasites and Parasitism​2
001-2-3334​Self Study
001-2-3335​Camp Evolution
001-2-3344​Guided Reading on Molecular Ecology​2
001-2-3355​Guided Reading in Microbial Ecology​2
001-2-4010​Topics in Environmental Fluid Mechanics - A
001-2-4011​Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
001-2-4012​Electro-Diffusion of Ions and Membrane Desalination Processes​3
001-2-4016​Geography of Desertification
001-2-4019​Application of Symmetry Methods to Problems in Mathematical Physics
001-2-4022​Pattern Formation and Spatial Ecology​3
001-2-4024​Satellite Image Processing​3
001-2-4026​Introduction to the Physics of Atmospheres​3
​001-2-4027​Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamic
001-2-4028​Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Rangelands, and Forestry​3
001-2-4029​Introduction to Statistics and Probability Using Python​3
001-2-4031​Topics in Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics and Electrodiffusion (A)​2
001-2-4033​Topics in Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics and Electrodiffusion (B)​2
​001-2-4038​Stochastic Processes in physics
001-2-4040​Remote Sensing in Changing Environment
001-2-4042​Statistical Analysis in Climate Research - I
001-2-4044Statistical Analysis in Climate Research - II​2
001-2-4045​Physics of solar cells​3
001-2-4047​Surface Science for the Environment​3
001-2-4048​Physical Optics​3
001-2-4049​Nonlinear Dynamical Aspects of Electrochemical Systems​3
001-2-4050​Nano-Materials and Nano-Technology for Sustainable Energy​3
001-2-4052​Fundamentals of Semiconductors​3
001-2-4053​Thermodynamics of Radiating Systems and the Optics of Solar Cells
001-2-4054​Statistical Analysis
001-2-4055Random Walks
001-2-4056​Aeolian Geomorphology​2
001-2-4057​Dynamical systems
001-2-4058​Topics in Solar Energy
001-2-4059​Hybrid Electronics​2
001-2-4060​Partial Differential Equations in Continuum Transport Processes I3​
001-2-4061​Partial Differential Equations in Continuum Transport Processes II​3
​001-2-4062​Introduction to Rare Events
001-2-5004​Field Methods in Hydrology​3
001-2-5005​Laboratory Methods for Environmental Studies​3
​001-2-5006​Migration Processes in the Unsaturated Zone of Soil​3
​001-2-5010​Groundwater Microbiology
001-2-5011​Environmental Microbiology
001-2-5012​Biodegradation Process of Synthetic Organic Compound in Water Soil​2
001-2-5024​Groundwater Hydrology​2.5
001-2-5026​Nitrogen Transformations and Environmental Quality
001-2-5028​Microbial Biofilms in Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
001-2-5029​Rural Water Development​2
001-2-5033​Introduction to Desalination Processes​3
001-2-5034​Environmental Oriented Electrochemistry​2
​001-2-5036​Environmental micropollutants & emerging contaminants​2
001-2-5037​Organic Micropollutant Identification and Quantification in the Lab
001-2-5038​Water Sanitation
001-2-5040​Soil Microbial Ecology​2
001-2-5055​Operation and Analysis of Environmental Monitoring Systems​1
001-2-5059​Water Microbiology​3
001-2-5060​Biological Processes in Wastewater Treatment
001-2-5062​Introduction to Biofilms
​001-2-5063​Lab-course: New Methods in Biofilm Characterization
001-2-5065​Transport Processes in Streams: Theory and Practice​2
​001-2-5066​Introduction to Scientific Computing with Python
​001-2-5067​Introduction to Contaminant Hydrolgy
001-2-5068​Aqueous Chemistry Modeling with PHREEQC
001-2-5069​Water & the Environment: Current Challenges and Solutions​3
001-2-5070​Practical Data Science and Machine Learning
001-2-5071Management and Optimization of Natural Resources and Water Systems
001-2-5072​Discussions in microbial ecology​1
001-2-5073​Practical microbial bioinformatics
001-2-5074​Envirotech - do it yourself sensors for environmental research​3
001-2-5100​Introduction to Surface Hydrology​2
001-2-5159​Introduction to Microbiology​1
001-2-6002​Theory  and Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
001-2-6046​Advanced Methods in GIS: Spatial Analysis for Environmental Research
​001-2-7004Methods of Mathematical Physics
001-2-7011Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB3