Desalination and Water Treatment - Staff Members, Christopher J, Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Exploring and developing unconventional ways to improve membrane fabrication and modification using various printing techniques

Exploring and developing new materials including graphene-based materials


Image result for avraham beer bguBe'er, Avraham, Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Intricate collective phenomena in nature

Why do bacteria swarm?

What are the mechanisms involved during swarming?

What are the evolutionary advantages of swarming? ​, Roy, Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Investigate and broaden the knowledge and the use of material and polymer science in membrane synthesis for environmental and industrial applications

Develop and improve polymeric and mixed matrix membranes (hybrid organic inorganic membranes) with specific properties for various applications., Jack , Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Managing brines by volume reduction and mineral

recovery Process development for increasing the recovery in desalination processes including scaling prevention

Monovalent selective electrodialysis

Ion exchange membrane processes for contaminant removal

Membrane processes for treatment of industrial waste-streams, Moshe, Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Studies of bacterial biofilms and biofouling of membranes

The physico-chemical characteristics and the physiology of the biofouling layer in the membrane

Conditions promoting biofilm formation on membranes in water and wastewater treatment facilities

Mode of action of agents that interfere with biofilm formation

Mechanisms by which biofilms affect membrane performance

Conditions promoting initial bacterial attachment

The inhibition of biofilm growth mechanisms on "anti-biofouling" modified-surface membranes, Roni, Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

The development of novel membranes for water desalination and treatment

The use of synthetic-organic chemistry approaches to prepare membranes with improved surface properties and solute transport for nanofiltration and reverse-osmosis processes

Develop chemical methodologies to connect antimicrobial peptides to reverse-osmosis membranes without loss of peptide activity

The mineralization and fouling phenomena of water treatment membranes using novel approach that combines the preparation of unique 'clean' surfaces that mimic RO membrane surface, and evaluating the sorption of organic foulants, with analytical instruments, Oded, Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Physico-chemical technologies for sustainable desalination, water and wastewater treatment

Focus on membrane processes, both pressure driven (RO, NF, UF) and electrically driven (ED, EDBM) in combination with other separation techniques (crystallization, gas-transfer, ion-exchange etc.)

Development of computer simulations for physico-chemical water treatment processes combining mass-transport and chemical equilibrium.

Resource recovery from wastewater, focusing on Phosphorus, Yoram, (Emeritus), Department of Desalination and Water Treatment

Electrochemical-related issues

Studies in electrochemical methods in relation to treatment of water and waste-water

Investigating mass transfer in electrochemical processes

Investigating hydrogen transport to metals using electrochemical tools