​​​​​​Rationale, goals, and objec​tives

The program is designed to train students with a deep and diverse knowledge and capability in fields related to the environment and natural resources, while also developing their mental flexibility so as to enable them to employ methods, terms, and concepts from different areas of research and to move between such areas. Emphasis will be given on training students in classical physics areas that are relevant to environmental studies (nonlinear dynamics, continuum mechanics, fluid flow and heat and material transfer, light–matter interaction, semiconductor physics), applied mathematics (asymptotic methods, statistical methods, numerical methods), and other physical sciences-related fields (surface chemistry, optoelectronic properties of materials, optics). In doing so, the program will address the shortcomings that currently exist in most environmental science study programs in Israel.

Prerequisites for admission to the Program

Admission requirements for the progra​​m include a BSc Degree in Natural Sciences or in Engineering Sciences in disciplines related to physics, mathematics and chemistry, and to chemical, electrical, mechanical and materials engineering. The admission requirements and terms will comply with the AKIS's admission requirements and require approval of the program's teaching committee.​​


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