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Aug. 24, 2015

Recently charging stations for cell phones using solar energy were installed across BGU’s Marcus Family Campus.

Every station has the capability to charge up to 12 phones — or any device that can be charged using a USB cable, while sitting on a bench in a shady area. The stations have been established for students (who today can’t function without a cell phone ...) and everyone on campus.


In addition, 39 new recycling facilities for bottles and cans, and 2 recycling facilities for electronic waste have been positioned around campus.

The project is a result of cooperation with Bank Hapoalim’s Corporate Social Responsibility Division headed by Avraham Bar-Ilan. The facilities are donated by the Bank.

The initiator and leader of the project is BGU’s Director of Marketing Sagi Langer who is the Director of the “Green Campus” initiative in cooperation with the initiative’s Chairman, Prof. Yaron Ziv, the local student union and BGU’s Development & Logistics Division.

The “Green Campus” initiative which is led by the “ Green Council” with representatives from all University units, encourages and promotes many research and community activities in the subjects of the environment and sustainability. These activities include research and development in fields relating to the wise use of resources and saving on consumption, protecting the environment and nature, environmental education, “green” public policy and many other issues.