Oct. 29, 2014

The strong strategic partnership between EMC and BGU, aimed to foster innovation and support advanced research in critical IT subjects, has been proven once again.

The  Department of Computer Science, including Prof. Ehud Gudes (Leader), Prof. Amnon Meisels, Prof. Michal Ziv Ukelson and Prof. Shlomi Dolev, has recently received a large grant from EMC to work on the topic: Worldwide Hadoop. 

The collaborative project with EMC's R&D center in Beer Sheva, will strive to develop a global data management environment for multiple clouds. This environment will integrate multiple heterogeneous data sources while preserving privacy and security and demonstrating it with both Bio-informatics and Security applications. The technology is based on EMC patents and the work of EMC Sales CTO, Dr. Patricia Florissi – a frequent visitor to Israel, Beer Sheva and BGU.