Dec. 27, 2011

BGU students are the most likely of all university students to recommend their institution of higher education to their friends, according to a recent survey commissioned by the National Union of Israeli Students.  BGU has consistently placed number one since the start of these surveys.

Students from 27 universities and colleges were asked whether they would recommend their university or college to others – BGU was ranked first among universities by a large margin and third overall. Students at colleges were more likely to recommend their institution to a friend than students at universities – except for BGU!

BGU also came in second among universities, excluding the colleges, in the percentage of its students who believed they could find work after graduation (15th in the complete list of 27).

BGU Student Union Head Uri Kedar said that it was a matter of great pride that BGU was the most recommended among the universities. “As the only university in the periphery, it is our duty and the privilege to work in cooperation with our many partners to offer a young and attractive alternative to the center of the country. If we can simultaneously bring in the infrastructure that will enable the tens of thousands of graduates to settle the Negev, we can come a step closer to realizing David Ben-Gurion’s vision,” he said.

Overall, among colleges and universities, doctors, lawyers and teachers were most certain they could find work. That reflects the dearth of doctors and teachers in the workforce. Apparently, law students are just very optimistic since there is no shortage of lawyers in Israel. According to all of those polled, humanities, arts and life sciences students were least likely to believe they could find a job after graduation.

BGU ranked 4th among universities and 9th overall in response to the question whether the students believe their chances of getting a good job after graduation are higher than those who studied at other institutions (21%). Seventy-two percent of those polled at BGU said their chances were about the same as those from other institutions.