Mar. 08, 2016

Three discoveries from BGU are among the approximately 60 in a new year-long wall exhibit launched by The Science, Technology and Space Ministry on Monday at Ben-Gurion International (BGI) Airport, in the presence of Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis and Transportation and Road Safety and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz. 

The exhibit is displayed on a giant wall just past passport control and has the potential of reaching approximately 8 million people.  

Prof. Smadar Cohen has developed an injectable algae-based scaffold to repair damaged muscles. Prof. Shosh Arad developed a method to grow algae on an industry scale. Prof. Yossi Mizrahi was instrumental in the development of cherry tomatoes. 

Above: The scaffold developed by Prof. Smadar Cohen

Above: The method developed by Prof. Shosh Arad

A recent survey shows that 43% of Israelis are unaware that Israel's first President, Chaim Weizmann, was originally a chemist. Approximately 50% of Israelis were unable to name even one Israeli Nobel Prize laureate. The Science, Technology and Space Ministry, in cooperation with the Israel Young Academy, initiated the BGI Airport exhibit to present Israeli science. 

The exhibit features approximately 60 discoveries and developments – chosen by a selection committee comprised of representatives from the Israel Young Academy and the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science– that were selected for their innovative and pioneering qualities, and their direct and indirect influence on the lives of millions of people around the world. 

Sections of the exhibit will be devoted to Israel's eight Nobel Prize laureates, three Turing laureates and one Fields Medal winner, as well as to prominent scientists such as Chaim Weizmann, Aaron Aaronsohn and Albert Einstein. 

Science, Technology and Space Minister Akunis: "We are showing the vast contributions of Israeli science and technology to the world and all humanity. We have who and what to be proud of. Israel is a pioneering country and an innovation leader. The entire world admires, and is amazed by, our achievements; therefore, it is fitting that they be shown at the gateway into and out of Israel."

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