Jul. 13, 2016


The first International Summer program in Data Mining and Business Intelligence with a focus in Cyber Security Applications recently opened at BGU. 

The International Cyber Security and Machine Learning Academic and Professional Program (ICSML) is a collaboration of BGU's Office of International Academic Affairs and Malware Lab and the Cyber Security Research Center. 

ICSML is led by Dr. Nir Nissim, researcher and Head of the Malware Lab at the Cyber Security Research Center. 

The international students will partake in theoretical lectures and practical sessions in cyber security and machine learning topics, meet with successful companies, and sit through interesting lectures given by top tier experts including new cutting edge technologies that are not available in market yet. Some of the experts presenting in the course are academic members of the Department of Information Systems Engineering at BGU. 

The ICSML program includes two keynote experts: Prof. Yuval Elovici (Cyber Security) and Prof. Lior Rokach (Machine Learning and Big Data). 

Elovici, the Director of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories at BGU, head of the Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC), Research Director of iTrust at SUTD, and a Professor in the Department of Information Systems Engineering, gave the opening lecture for the selected excellent Chinese and Indian students from top universities who were accepted to the program. 

Rokach, one of the leading researchers and experts in machine learning and big data and the head of the Big-data research center, will provide an interesting Lecture on the fundamentals of ensemble learning.