Department of Computer Science 
Faculty of Natural Sciences

My life before BGU:​

I was born in Kibbutz Lahav, grew up in Eilat, and attended a regional high school in Kibbutz Yotvata. I studied for both my undergraduate degree in software engineering and master's in computer science at Ben-Gurion University. I went to Tel Aviv University for a doctorate in computer science and then continued to the University of Michigan for a postdoc.

Why BGU?

I took my first steps in research as a student in BGU’s Department of Computer Science and returning is completing the circle. There is nowhere more natural for me; I was born and raised in the south, so it means coming home.​

My rese​arch:

Using automated data-driven decision-making tools, such as risk assessment systems, has become very common in recent years. With the increased use of these tools, we are witnessing many instances where their results are biased or discriminate against specific population groups. One infamous example is a system used in USA court systems, which was supposed to help judges evaluate the likelihood of repeat offending by prisoners who were up for early parole. An in-depth study of the system revealed that it discriminates against blacks, who were rated to be twice as likely to offend again than they were in practice. The likelihood of repeat offences among whites as generated by the system, in contrast, was half what it was in actual practice. This is usually caused by the data the system is based upon. My research entails developing methods for identifying and remedying such biases.

An insight from my research:

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Technological advances have given us tools that can help us make decisions efficiently, and these decisions can have significant impact on people’s lives. Therefore, it is very important to examine in-depth the decisions made with the aid of automated systems and understand their implications.

Something that doesn't appear​ on my CV:

I love travelling, especially with my family. We are also ski buffs and make sure to go on a ski vacation every year. 

A source ​of inspiration:

I draw inspiration from different people and places for different areas of my life. Professionally, the advisors and mentors who guided me (and still do) are totally a source of inspiration. 

When I grow​ up:

I always thought I would be in technologically oriented profession. This hasn’t really changed. 

If I wasn’t a researcher, I would...

Probably work in software development.

In Brief: 

»  Fauda or Big Brother? Fauda
»  Yoga or CrossFit? I haven't tried either, but I am probably more of a yoga person
»  Hapoel or Maccabi? Maccabi
»  Ravid Plotnik or Noa Kirel? I'm not that familiar with them, but from what I've heard – Ravid Plotnik
»  Steak or tofu? Steak, but I prefer fish
» Trekking or the spa? Trekking
»  Car or train? Train
»  Classical Europe or India? India. I've never been and would love to go
»  Ocean or pool? Ocean. Especially the ocean in Eilat
»  Night or morning? Morning
»  Winter or summer? Summer
» City or country? Country
»  Film or play? Play
» Phone call or text message? Text message
» Savory or sweet? Both. As long as it's tasty
» Android or iPhone? I recently completed the transition to Apple as a result of a long time spent in the US
» Cat or dog? Dog
» Facebook or Twitter? I don't use Twitter, so Facebook​