​Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences

My life before B​GU:

I was born in Haifa and as a young child, I lived in the US, in Atlanta. From age 11 I lived in Haifa and graduated from the Alliance High School there. I completed my bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering at the Technion and my master's degree in physics (focusing on Supernovae) at the Weizmann Institute of Science. I did my PhD in mechanical engineering at the Technion, with a focus on Nanofluidics and Electrokinetics. My postdoc was at Harvard focused on biomechanics. 


"I've learned that you have to ask questions and not to take anything for granted,
even what's written in stone​"

My resear​ch:

As you have probably observed, I switch fields often. I am driven by curiosity and passion to understand all phenomena related to fluid mechanics. In fact, that was the underlying theme of all the different stages in my career.

I am currently interested in the dual coupling of the electric surface charge of nanoscale systems on the hydrodynamics where the flow is determined by the electrical field which in itself is determined by the flow.

We are now able to probe these small scales to finer resolution than ever before! This is exciting as we can discover new physics as well as improve our understanding of existing phenomena. Combined this should give us the tools to help improve and impact existing technologies such as desalination, energy harvesting and much more!​

Why BGU?​

My PhD research focused on a phenomenon called the Rubinstein-Zaltzman instability named after the two researchers who discovered it, Isaak Rubinstein and Boris Zaltzman. I look forward to the opportunity to work with these world-class reserachers whose contribution to Electrokinetics has been tremendous.

An insight from my research: ​

I've learned that you have to ask questions and not to take anything for granted, even what's written in stone. Galileo expressed this best: In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

Something that doesn't appear on my resume: ​

In my free time I train in the art of Japanese warfare - Ninjutsu – the Ninja Turtles' art of war (yes, I want to be a ninja turtle when I grow up). I began training at the beginning of my bachelor's degree. Apart from that, I'm a big fan of science history. I read many biographies of scientists who changed the world. 

A source of inspiration:  

The most influential role model for me is my father, who is also a professor of mechanical engineering. Everything I am today, scientifically, is because of him and the scientific values he instilled in me. He's as straight as a ruler with scientific values from long ago. I aspire to be like him. 

When I grow up: ​

At the age of 14 I declared that I wanted to be a scientist. That's why getting this position at BGU is the realization of my dream… (until the age of 14 I wanted to be a fireman, policeman, basketball player, Ninja Turtle – which I still want, astronaut and so on). There's still time to realize it all.

If I was not a researcher, I would… teach. My mother is a teacher an educational counselor. For her teaching is more than a profession. It was a calling. At home there were always too many books and we read because we were curious. I would like to awaken the next generation's curiosity about the beauty of our universe. 

In Brief: 

» Facebook or Twitter? Our world would probably be better without them.
» ​Game of Thrones or the Simpsons? Family Guy….. The Simpsons for grown-ups.
» ​Yoga or CrossFit? CrossFit. It looks like more fun.
» Hapo'el or Maccabi? In the case of Israel – all these organizations are violent, racist and backwards, so neither.
» Chess or backgammon? Chess. It reminds me of my childhood. Apart from that, it is much more challenging and there is no element of luck.   
» Steak or tofu? What's better than a good steak?
» Trekking or the spa? A good massage after a long journey.
» Car or train? Car. It's quieter with more privacy.
» X-Box or PlayStation? I'm not interested in either.
» Galgalatz or podcast? Quiet.
» Classic Europe or India? Europe.
» Ocean or the pool? Ocean. Sun. Peace.
» Morning or night? Night.
» Winter or summer? Summer. Ocean. Sun. Peace.
» Cat or dog? Dogs are much friendlier.
» Movie or play? Movie.