Department of Bible Studies, Archeology and the Ancient Near East 
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

My life before BGU: 

I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, and I came to Israel as a student. I studied art history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and then switched to archaeology for my doctorate. My doctoral research focused on the history of Christian communities from the Caucusus (Armenians and Georgians) in the Holy Land during the Byzantine and early Islamic periods.


"It is important to uncover the voices of people from the past​"

My research:

I work on the material culture of Late Antiquity, the archaeology of pilgrimage and monasticism, and the archaeology of historical periods.

Why BGU? 

This university is particularly friendly, thriving and social, with an exceptional faculty of archaeologists. I have much to learn here.


An insight from my research: 

It is important to uncover the voices of people from the past.


Something that doesn’t appear on my CV: 

Literature, fine art and creation.

A source of inspiration: 

One Hundred Years of Solitude.


When I grow up: 

As a child I wanted to be a writer. Or an archaeologist. I'm still weighing my options.


If wasn’t a researcher...

I would be cultural activist and/or an interpreter


In Brief: 

Facebook of Twitter? Neither
» Game of Thrones or Simpsons? GoT, of course
» Yoga or CrossFit? Archaeologists have enough physical activity
» Hapoel or Maccabi? Sorry…
» Chess or backgammon? Chess
» Steak or tofu? Steak
» ​Trekking or the spa? Trekking
» ​Car or train? Train. Unfortunately, there’s no direct train from Jerusalem
» ​Classical Europe or India? Classical Europe. I’ve got all the spirituality I need.
» Ocean or pool? The ocean
Radio or podcast? Podcast
» Night or Morning? Morning
» Winter or summer? Winter. Long, cold and snowy.
» Cat or dog? Dog, maybe several
» Film or Play? Film