Swiss Institute for Dryland Environmental and Energy Research 
The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research

My life before BGU:​

I was born in Leningrad and made aliya to Israel in 1990. I graduated from high school in Tel Aviv. I studied physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I also obtained my PhD. My doctoral research focused on developing a method for characterizing layers of living cells. In my postdoctoral research, I studied freezing processes under Prof. Ido Braslavsky of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture. The next stop was the Institut Curie in Paris, a leading global center in physical biology. There, I joined Prof. Pascal Silberzan and studied the laws of physics underlying the dynamics and organization of cell tissue. After returning to Israel, I worked as a senior researcher at Efa Technologies, where we developed a mobile apparatus for blood tests using a single drop of blood, without the need to forward them to laboratories.

Why BGU?

I am grateful for the opportunity to join a place where physicists and researchers from a range of fields collaborate. The interaction with other disciplines is invigorating and opens new directions for research.​

My rese​arch:

I am fascinated by the ability of cells to move in coordination and organize into structures. This coordinated movement of cells is very similar to the movements of flocks of birds or schools of fish. To understand the laws governing natural development processes, I am developing a system for monitoring and controlling the organization of cell populations using microscopy, computerized vision, micro-fabrication and physical models. My research will help understand - as well as direct - change and development of biological tissue. In the future, it will enable us to design and create artificial materials that behave like living tissue.

An insight from my research:

Experiments always reveal something more complex and interesting than the initial question you set out to answer.

Something that doesn't appear​ on my CV:

I was the national youth champion in 3x3 basketball in 1993. 

A source ​of inspiration:

People I’ve met along the way. 

When I grow​ up:

I hope to remain curious. 

In Brief: 

»  Fauda or Big Brother? Fauda
»  Yoga or CrossFit? Beach volleyball
»  Hapoel or Maccabi? I'll go with the underdog
»  Ravid Plotnik or Noa Kirel? Meir Ariel
»  Steak or tofu? Steak
» Trekking or the spa? Start with the first and finish with the second
»  Car or train? Train
»  Classical Europe or India? Both
»  Ocean or pool? Ocean. Especially the Red Sea
»  Night or morning? Morning in theory, night in practice
»  Winter or summer? Summer
» City or country? Country
»  Film or play? Both
» Phone call or text message? If not face-to-face, then the phone
» Savory or sweet? Sweet
» Android or iPhone? Android
» Cat or dog? Dog
» Facebook or Twitter? Twitter