Department of Business Administration
The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management

Dr. Tomer Shushi

My life before BGU:

I was born in Haifa and completed high school at the Gimmel Municipal High School there. I began my academic career with an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in economics and computer science at Bar-Ilan University. During my studies, I fell in love with the subject of uncertainty, which is found everywhere, in our daily life and in most scientific fields. Naturally I completed my master's degree in statistics at the University of Haifa, and continued there to a doctorate, researching risk management under uncertain conditions. My post-doc was at Ben-Gurion University, in the Department of Physics, so I had a chance to get to know the place.

"In correct decision-making, and as opposed to intuition, taking more small risks can lead to a much bigger profit"



My research:

I research risk management, uncertainty and extreme scenarios. I study and develop models for the management and evaluation of risks using quantitative tools. One of the topics I focus on is systemic risks – risks which are mutually dependent that can cause global financial crises, for example such as the sub-prime crisis. In my research I have developed, together with colleagues, an innovative method based on advanced statistic models, which can measure and estimate the risks.

Why BGU?

I was very impressed by the Department of Business Administration and by the University itself, which is dedicated to research, teaching and achievements.


An insight from my research:

In correct decision-making, and as opposed to intuition, taking more small risks can lead to a much bigger profit.

Something that doesn't appear on my resume:

In my spare time, I play guitar (classical and electric), I'm a chess player and love to watch the stars.

A source of inspiration:

Albert Einstein, who succeeded in breaking the theoretical impasse of the time, and without hesitation.

When I grow up:

When I was a child, I wanted to be a bank manager, today – a scientist.

If I was not a researcher, I would be:

there's an option?


In brief:

IPhone or Android? Android because of the open code.
Summer or winter? Summer!!
Book or movie? Non-fiction book.
Tea or coffee? Coffee (and a lot).
Beer or wine? Red wine.
An isolated cabin in nature or a pampering hotel in the city? A cabin in the Pyrenees.


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