Department of Physiotherapy 
Faculty of Health Sciences

My life before BGU:​

I grew up in Givatayim, was active in the HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed youth movement, and graduated from Kalai High School. As a child, I was into competitive sports and was already interested in physiotherapy. Following my army service, I got a BA and MA in physiotherapy from Tel Aviv University. After that, I worked for many years as a physiotherapist at Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital. I got my PhD at Ben-Gurion University and did postdocs at the University of Michigan and at BGU.

My rese​arch:

My research field is rehabilitation post neurological trauma, particularly strokes. The treatment offered to stroke survivors today is primarily rehabilitative. My research deals with the characterization of motor and functional deficits after a stroke, with an emphasis on balance control and walking, and testing the effectiveness of training designed to improve patients' recovery and quality of life. It includes a quantitative assessment of motor functions in laboratory conditions using motion analysis cameras, and in everyday life, using wearable sensors. We also look at the effect of the brain damage characteristics (size and location) on function to understand which patients might respond well to the treatment and which won’t.

​Why BG​U?​​

The people here and the environment are what brought me to Ben-Gurion University, an ideal space for taking my research in new directions​.

An insight from my research:

I really got to know the University during my doctoral studies. I had a fantastic supervisor and enjoyed the outstanding faculty members in the Dept. of Physiotherapy. I love my students, and especially the innovative research and teaching at the Department.

​​Something that doesn't ​appear on my CV:​

I have a partner, three children, and a dog.​