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Dr. Maayan Amir 

My life before BGU:

I was born and raised in Hadera. My academic career path has been interdisciplinary: I studied for my undergraduate and Master's degrees at Tel Aviv University. My BA was in general literature and in the interdisciplinary track in arts, focusing on cinema and the history of art, and I studied cinema for my Master's degree. I wrote my doctorate in the architectural research program at Goldsmiths, University of London.

"BGU's Department of the Arts is known as an excellent department with leading researchers in their fields"

My research:

Over the last few years, my research has focused on the geographical-juridical term: extraterritoriality. This is a concept whose practical aspects are applied to people and spaces, and constitute the means for release or exclusion from the jurisdiction of local law and alternatively, subjugation to another legal system, as a means to creating agreement between legal systems. I suggest expanding the term extraterritoriality to cover additional spheres of activity and regimes of representation. Extraterritorial representation can also be extended to include visual images.

Why BGU?

BGU's Department of the Arts is known as an excellent department with leading researchers in their fields. This, together with the fact that there are a substantial number of fascinating researchers at the University, has been an inspirational place for me for many years.


An insight from my research:

Research through the prism of extraterritoriality is critical in understanding the visual geography of our time, and especially to understanding mechanisms that can censor visual evidence on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to understanding works of art that seek to be free from the local laws, in order to indicate moral failures of the system.

Something that doesn't appear on my resume:
I love doing sports. I swim and play table tennis.

A source of inspiration:

Writings by Hanna Arendt.

When I grow up:

When I was small, I wanted to be a gym teacher. Today I am really happy to do research and teaching.

If I was not a researcher, I would be involved with:


In short:
Summer or winter? Summer
Book or movie? Book.
Night or morning? Morning.
An isolated cabin in nature or a pampering hotel in the city? Anything but an isolated cabin


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