​Department of Communication Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

My life before BGU:​

I was born and raised in Jerusalem. I completed a dual degree in psychology and communications at Tel Aviv University and went on to study for my master’s at Tel Aviv as well. I obtained my PhD at Oxford University.

My rese​arch:

I study digital diplomacy, or the way that digital technologies are reshaping diplomacy. Most of my research evolved out of collaborations with other researchers in Israel and abroad. I have also conducted many studies with foreign ministries and ministers and international alliances such as NATO.

​Why BG​U?​​

I really wanted to join an intimate department that seeks to grow and raise its international profile.

​An insight from my research:

Digital technologies affect diplomacy through diplomats’ personal use of new technologies.

​​Something that doesn't ​appear on my CV:​

I write short stories.

A source of inspiration:​

Theodor Adorno’s book, Education for Autonomy

When I grow up:​

I once thought I would be a stage actor, today I would say an astronaut.

If I wasn’t a researcher, I would...

​Write literature.

In Brief: 

» Fauda or Big Brother? Fargo
» Yoga or CrossFit? Tennis
» Hapoel or Maccabi? Hapoel!!!
» Ravid Plotnik or Noa Kirel? Country music and nothing else
» Steak or tofu? Steak
» Trekking or the spa? Spa
» Car or train? Car
» Classical Europe or India? Europe
» Ocean or pool? Pool
» Night or morning? Night
» Winter or summer? Summer
» City or country? City
» Film or play? Play 
» Phone call or text message? Text 
» Savory or sweet? Sweet 
» Android or iPhone? Android 
» Cat or dog? Dog 
» Facebook or Twitter? Twitter