Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences​

My life before BGU:

I was born in the Ukraine, but I grew up in Beer-Sheva and attended the Gimmel Comprehensive High School. After graduating, I deferred my military service to study for all three degrees in electrical engineering at BGU. I studied for my master's degree while serving in the IDF Communications Corps as a project officer for the “Windbreaker" tank defense system. My master's research dealt with information theory and the classification of radar targets in border defense systems, in collaboration with Elta Systems and the Ministry of Defense - Directorate of Defense Research & Development. I did my postdoc at Duke University, researching over-the-horizon radar. After that I was a professor at the University of Massachusetts. For the past nine years I led a General Motors R&D team working on autonomous vehicles.


"An autonomous vehicles sensor system must be incredibly complex in order to successfully imitate the perf​ormance of human divers"

​My research:

I study radar systems signal processing and sensor systems for autonomous vehicles.​

Why ​BGU?

I will be responsible for the establishment of an autonomous vehicles center at the University.


An insight fro​m my res​earch:

An autonomous vehicles sensor system must be incredibly complex in order to successfully imitate the performance of human divers.


Something that doesn't appear on my CV:

I play on trivia teams and go on treks that are hundreds of kilometers long.


A source of ins​piration:

Thomas Edison as an inventor

When I gro​w up:

I've always wanted to be an inventor


If wasn't a rese​​archer:

I would direct a large company


In B​r​​ief:

»   Facebook of Twitter? Facebook
»   Game of Thrones or Simpsons? GoT
»   Yoga or CrossFit? CrossFit
»   Hapoel or Maccabi? Maccabi
»   Chess or backgammon? Chess
»   Steak or tofu? Steak
»   Trekking or the spa? Trekking
»   Car or train? Car
»   Xbox or PlayStation? Xbox
»   Fortis or Sakharov? Sakharov
»   Classical Europe or India? Classical Europe
»   Ocean or pool? The ocean
»   Radio or podcast? Podcast
»   Night or Morning? Morning
»   Winter or summer? Summer
»   Cat or dog? Dog
»   Film or Play? Play​