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The Department
of Computer Science
The Department of Computer Science is the youngest and the most rapidly growing department in the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

More than half of its 36 department members joined the department in the last seven years. As a result, the department enjoys a vigorous and exciting research atmosphere in most of the main areas of computer science, while taking pride in maintaining a spirit of congeniality and collegiality.

The department has also enjoyed a phenomenal rate of growth in the number of graduate (M.Sc. and especially Ph.D.) students, who currently number about 120.

New CS department
Alon Hi-Tech building

On September 2006 the department has moved into its new home, the Alon high-tech building , The new building allows further expansion in the number of faculty members and graduate students, which in turn will strength the ability to lead in several research areas.

The department will play a major role in the establishment of research and development industry related to computer science in the Negev area. In particular, the department plans to be a significant participant in the planned Hi-Tech park which is an initiative of the ex-president of the university Prof. Avishay Braverman, and the donors for the Alon building: Zvi Alon, (NetManage), Eric Benhamou (3Com) and Harry Saal (Nestar Systems).

Aware that the ideas and technology of computer science are relevant to every academic and industrial endavor, the department actively fosters collaboration with other departments within the university (three members hold joint appointments with other departments), with other universities in Israel and abroad, and with research labs of industrial companies.

The department also takes very seriously its responsibility to educate a cadre of excellent professionals and potential scientists. It continually updates its curricula, and develops innovative programs of study. such as the Bioinformatics program, the Mathematics and Computer Science program, and the Software Engineering program.

Some 210 undergraduate students graduate from the department's various programs each year. These programs provide a carefully thought out mix of exposure to practical issues and broadly applicable ideas in computer science, as well as a solid foundation in theory and algorithms. As a result, our graduates are highly valued in industry and are accepted to top universities both in Israel and abroad.

In addition to educational activities inside the university, the department together with the department of mathematics, provides an academic umbrella for a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Achva College as well as a similar degree at the Air-force Academy (for air-force pilot cadets).

The Department of Computer Science at BGU, which was formally created in March 2000, evolved from the Computer Science program which started in the early seventies within the department of Mathematics. During the late seventies the number of students in CS grew dramatically, and in 1981 the department of Mathematics, changed its name to Mathematics and CS, in order to reflect this growth. Since the early nineties the CS program further expanded, growing from 5 faculty members in 1990 to the current 25.