​​​​Installing Vmware Horizon Client

Note: If you are connecting outside of BGU network you need a VPN connection.
See details here.​

1. Browse to https://apps.bgu.ac.il click Next button and loginvmware-install1.JPG

2. Select Settings from the right upper icon as depicted bellowvmware-install2.JPG

3. Select Preferences and click install (under Horizon Client)vmware-install3.JPG

4. Select the latest version and click Go to Download according to to your Operating System.vmware-install4.JPG

5. Click Download and then Savevmware-install5.JPG

6. Watch were you save the file and than run it as Administratorvmware-install6.JPG

7. Confirm all​

8. Note you need to restart inorder to start using it.​

​Configure Vmware Horizon Client

1. Double click VMware icon and double click the plus sign to add server

2. Enter myview.bgu.ac.il server and click connectvmware-config2.JPG

3. Enter your credentialsvmware-config3.JPG

4. After you logged in you can share your local files and USB disk under Sharing at the Setting menue. click Ok.vmware-config4.JPG

5. Dont forget to click Allow​ after you opened an application to allow access to you share.​​vmware-config5.JPG