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Heat transfer, two-phase systems, mechanics of aerosols, adhesion of solids.
Control Systems, Nonlinear Control with applications to Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Inteligent Transportation Systems, Fault Diagnosis of Complex Engineering systems.
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Biophysics and Cellular Biomechanics. Jamming and Unjamming transitions in epithelial cells. Mechanical inhibition of cellular proliferation.
We experimentally study multicellular mechanical features of epithelial cells, as they relate to collective cellular migration, wound healing, and cancer invasion.

​Dr. Benny Bar-On
Soref 314

Mechanics of multi-scale composite materials, nano-mechanics, structural mechanics of hard biological tissues, mechanical elements in arthropod cuticle, shape morphing of plant tissues, bio-inspired materials.
Jacob Bortman
Conditioned Based Maintenance (CBM) and Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), High order finite elements: the hp-version and Fracture mechanics.

​Dr. Avishy Carmi
Soref 312

Estimation and control,  Filtering theory, Information processing in autonomous systems, Complex and multi-agent systems, Natural and unconventional computation

​Dr. Daniel Choukroun
Soref 320

Stochastic and deterministic optimal control and estimation with application to aerospace systems. Fault-tolerant control,  Spacecraft attitude and dynamics,  Guidance and navigation of vehicles.
Solid mechanics: nonlinear composites in finite deformations, active polymers, mechanics of soft biological tissues. Vibration analysis and predictive maintenance.
Computational fluid dynamics, specifically parallel and high performance scientific computing of laminar (DNS) and turbulent (LES, RANS) flows. Immersed boundary method. Fluid-structure interactions. Flow control. Linear stability analysis of confined shear and thermally driven flows. Pressure-velocity coupled CFD. Multigrid approach. Micro-hydrodynamics and lubrication.
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Fluid Mechanics: Electrokinetics and Nanofluidics.
Our groups conducts theoretical modeling, numerical simulations,and experiments.

​Professo​r Haim Kalman
Soref 340

Two-phase flows, pneumatic conveying systems, characterization of particulate solids, handling of bulk solids.
Multiphase phenomena; Multiphase flow; Transport phenomena in multiphase media; Mass, momentum and heat transfer; Transport systems; Pneumatic conveying; Numerical methods; Shock wave interaction with porous, granular and cellular materials; Drying; Development of absorption heat pump.
•Physical Artificial Intelligence (PAI); digital and physical AI; PAI robots.
•Materials, design and advanced manufacturing of functional systems.
•Soft robots; soft actuation, sensing, and computation.
•Biohybrid robots; green energy; circular robot economy.
•Sustainable and symbiotic human-robot-nature ecosystems.
•Social interaction of machines and systems possessing physical AI.
Micro and nano optics with applications mainly in solar power conversion.
Dr. Oz Oshri​
Soref 302
Tel 972-8-6477074​
​Pattern formation in thin elastic sheets, elasticity of growing bodies, adhesion, continuum mechanics.​​
Shock wave in unsteady flows; Shock wave interaction with complex geometry; Turbulent mixing (Kelvin-Helmholtz, Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmeyer-Meskov instabilities); Penetration; Protective structures.

​Dr. Roiy Sayag
Soref 332

Fluid mechanics, Non-Newtonian flows, Buoyancy-driven Viscous flows,  Ice-Sheet dynamics
Continuum mechanics, robotics, theory of vibrations.
Conducting research on motion planning and control of mobile robots.

Dr. Oriel Shoshani
Soref 339

Nonlinear dynamics and stochastic analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), Vortex-induced vibration (VIV), Nano and Micro electromechanical systems (N/MEMS).
Forces at the solid-liquid interface; Wetting phenomena, Intermolecular forces; Tribology; Instrumentation in Material science; Marangoni flow ; colloidal stabilization and coagulation; Adhesion; Super hydrophobicity.

Dr. Yeshayahu Weiss
Soref 315
Heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, thermo-hydraulics and energy conversion.​​
Nano and Micro electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), nano-materials, image processing techniques in experimental mechanics.

​Dr. David Za​rrouk
Soref 317

Medical robotics, bioinspired robotics, millisystems and rapid prototyping, robot and flexible surface interactions, theoretical kinematics, and under-actuated mechanisms.