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​Dr. Dimitry Baimel


​Electricity And Safety Laws For Electric Vehicle.

​Dr. Tali Bar-Kohany



Heat Transfer.

Fluid Mechanics.

Thermodynamic, boiling and condensation, Fast phase transition/in transient state, combustion, methane-hydrate.

​Dr. David Barlam

Phone: 054-7939989

​Machine Design with the Finite Element Method

​Finite element method, dynamics, strength of materials, structural buckling, theory of elasticity, and vibrations

Dr. ​Israel Bronstein​

Engineering Graphics.

Measurement and Experimental Methods​.

Mr. Shai Cohen​​​

​Machine Design​.

Dr. ​Mark  Dolger​​​

Engineering Graphics​​.

Machine Design Project.

Internal combustion engine​.

​Mr. Shimon Gruntman​

Phone: 054-2199251

​Machine design project.

​Dr. Ohad Gur

Phone: 052-7907916

​Optimization Of Multidisciplinary System Design​.

Rotating Wing Subjects.

Aircraft Dynamics and Aerodynamics.

​Aerodynamics, aircraft design, rotary wings, optimization.

​Prof. Emeritus Per-Olof Gutman​

​Model Predictive and Interpolating Control.

Prof. ​N​atan Kleeorin

Introduction to Atmospheric Flows for Engineers​.

​Dr. Eytan Kochavi​​

Phone: 050-6232019

​Strength of Materials for Biomedical Engineering; Computational Methods for Protective Engineering.

Computational methods and simulations, Dynamic properties of materials, Shock waves, Blast effects and structural response, Protective technologies.​

​Dr. Alex Landau

Phone: 050-6293012

Manufacturing Processes.

Dr. ​Dimitry Portnikov​


​​Dr. Alex Rashkoven

Phone: 050-6231089​

Heat transfer​.

​Fluid mechanics, Mass, and heat transfer.

​Prof. Igor Rogachevskii​

Phone: 08-6477067

​Transport Phenomena In Engineering Flows And In Nature.

​Gases and magnetic fields in fluid flows; Theory of turbulence; Atmospheric and astrophysical fluid flows; Environmental science; Aerosol science.​

Mr. ​Shai Sharabi

Phone: 08-6477028​

​Mechanical Engineers Programming​.

Mr. ​Vitali Skralivetsky​​​​

​Machine Design Project.

​Dr. Victor Weissberg

Phone: 052-8340816

Design and Analysis of Composite Structure​