Jul. 09, 2020


Hyman and Irene Kreitman high honors is awarded each year by BGU's Rector, Prof. Chaim Hames, to Six BGU PhD. students only, all of which proved outstanding excellence in research.

Shahaf's research, under the supervision of Prof. Eyal Shimony, focuses on advanced methods in the AI sub-field of search, which include bidirectional search, algorithm selection, metareasoning in game trees, and deliberation scheduling for situated temporal planning.

His results were published during 2019 in top conferences in AI, including AAAI, UAI, and ICAPS, as well as the Journal for AI Research (JAIR). He won the best paper award at the Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SOCs) 2019 for his work on bidirectional search.

Well done Shahaf!!​

Shahaf Shperberg1.jpg