Aug. 09, 2021


The new add-on, named LUZit, allows to highlight relevant text in Whatsapp, Facebook or Gmail and turn it into a google calendar event with just two clicks.

The add-on was developed as part of an undergraduate "Project course", with Dr. Gil Einziger, Senior Lecturer at the department of computer science, as the advisor. The project was part of the Google's Developer Student Club that operates within BGU, as well as within many other universities worldwide. Yiscah and Hillel say that the idea came from an actual need that they identified: meetings and events that were created on platforms such as Gmail, Whatsapp or Facebook, required manual copying into Google's Calendar.

Technically, the add-on uses complex Regular Expressions as well as algorithms aimed to identify the different elements within the text (date, time, place, etc.).

Although LUZit began as a students' project, the students say that they plan to upgrade it in the future.​

A link to Geektime article about the project (in Hebrew)