Jan. 14, 2020

​​​​​​​​Prof. Yefim Dinitz, one of the senior members of the Computer Science Department and a pioneer in the field of algorithms, has celebrated his retirement in an event held by the department on Dec. 31st, 2019.

 Prof. Dinitz is one of the founders of computer science and his significant scientific contributions are taught in universities all over the globe. He began his career in the 1960's, while he was a teenager, and ever since has achieved major breakthroughs, including:

* The "Dinitz Algorithm" for calculating maximal flow and bipartite maximal matching, which he developed 50 years ago, when he was only 20 years old

* The "4 Russians Algorithm" (as it is called in professional literature) for multiplying binary matrixes - one of the basic building blocks of dynamic programming in the world today

* An algorithm for calculating minimal cuts and characterizing their 'cactus' structure

These results and others left a significant mark in the field of theoretical algorithmics, they are taught worldwide and constantly effect other applications of computer sciences across different science and engineering areas.

During his tenure in the Computer Science Department at Ben Gurion University, which he joined in 1998, Prof. Dinitz has educated a new generation of computer scientists, some of whom are leading academic and industry personas in their own right. He has contributed immensely to different departmental committees, founded the university's computer science conferences' ranking, and taught the "Design of Algorithms" course for many years, one of the department's core courses.

 The event was held with the honorable participation of the university's Rector - Prof. Chaim Hames, the Faculty of Natural Sciences Dean – Prof. Michal Shapira, the Department of Computer Science Chair – Prof. Ohad Ben Shahar, past and present colleagues and Prof. Dinitz's family.

With over 1500 students in different stages of their studies, and approximately 40 faculty staff members, the Department of Computer Science is the largest and most desirable at the BGU campus and serves as its tip of the spear in terms of growth and academic excellence. The department trains graduates in a variety of study tracks, from general computer science studies through expertise areas such as data science, AI, Bio-informatics, computer games & multimedia, as well as co-partnered degree programs including Software Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, Cyber Security and more. The revolutionary research in the department covers all areas of computer science, theoretical and practical as one.​