Sep. 09, 2021

The Blavatnik awards were granted to five top PhD students in Computer Science, in a ceremony that was held in Tel Aviv University in July 2021. Among the ceremony attendees were Faculty chairpersons from Computer Science departments and schools of all Israeli universities, faculty members of the TAU Blavatnik school for Computer Science, and families of the award winners.

The awards are intended to highlight excellent PhD studies in the field of Computer Science and emphasize the importance of PhD studies in general.

The five top winners were chosen out of 45 applicants from all Israeli academic institutes. Among the winners is Dr. Noa Dagan, a PhD graduate from BGU's department of Computer Science, and a faculty member in BGU's department of Software & Information Systems Engineering.

Dr. Dagan also serves as an expert in Public Health and during her PhD studies has developed innovative methods for analyzing medical data. She presented a summary of her PhD research work during the ceremony.​