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Last minute participants are still welcome to sign up, by Apr. 30th 2021Please add a zoom link (or teams) for May 11th 13:00-14:00 to the sheet next to your name. 

>> Link to main Zoom event​

>> Links to private Zoom sessions (next to each researcher's name)​

>> Link to voting questionaire​


12:10-12:30: Virtual gathering and some opening remarks. 

12:30-13:00: A blitz of one brief slide per participant (about 30 sec. per slide).

13:00-14:00: Private zoom session for research presentation.

Instructions for participants:

Blitz of one brief slide:

  • The aim is for visitors to see everyone and decide on which posters to focus, therefore you should be prepared to present yourself, and very shortly explain why your research is interesting/important.
  • Please prepare a single slide for this part and send it to Eran (to erant@​bgu.ac.il​BY May 6th, 2021. There's no required format for the slide – it will be presented as an image along your short presentation.

Private zoom session for each research presentation:

  • Please create a zoom link and add it to the registration table.
  • You should be prepared to give a few minutes long presentation (using a poster or a 3-4 slides), covering: introduction, motivation, main related work (high level), proposed method (high level), main result. It is recommended to give a 1-2 minutes high level description of your research to engage questions and conversation from the interested visitors.
  • You will most likely need to repeat the presentation several times during the course of one hour - please be prepared to do so for different visitors. 

Presentation/poster competition:

  • Refereeing will be done electronically by dedicated faculty members as well as the crowd via short online questionnaires (links will be available at the event). 
  • The top three finalists will receive a modest monetary prize.


​Good Luck!!!​