Storage Quotas and Restoration



1. B.Sc Students have a 30 MB home directory which is backed by many systems and has

    an extremely low chance for data loss.

    You can restore deleted data by logging in to any Linux machine or UNIX server and follow these steps:

    a. cd .snapshot  inside the directory were the file or the deleted directory used to be.

    b. In this directory will appear differential backup's. (hourly.0, hourly.1,…, nightly.0, nightly.1,..., weekly.0,...)

        hourly.0 – changes made during the last 4 hours.

        hourly.1 – changes made during the period of 4-8 hours ago, and so on.

        nightly.0 – snapshot of last night.

        nightly.1 – snapshot of two nights ago, and so on.

    c. Enter the relevant directory and copy to needed files to were ever you need it to be.




To copy use the cp command , for more information on how to use this command type man cp .



2. Free Space – every student has another 100 MB which are backed up once a day, so you will be able to restore files only day after, after that the information will be lost.

    You can access this storage place by changing dir to /freespace/stud/YOURUSERNAME on Linux .


    If you want to access this storage area using Windows O.S you need first to create a link in your home directory :


       a. Login to any Linux Unix machine.

       b. execute           ln –s  /freespace/stud/YOURUSERNAME freespace




    and inside your home directory will appear a directory by the name of freespace.


Restore options:

1.      If you want to restore your freespace directory to exactly as it was when the last backup was made the command is:


      Instead group if you are student press stud, instead user type you username.

2.      If you want to restore all missing files since last backup without  deleting the new files also overriding the newly updated files the command is:


3.      If you want to keep the updated files since the last backup, the command is:


4.      If you want to copy just the missing files from backup:



     Instead group if you are student press stud, instead user type your username.



3. Computation Center (S:) – another 15 MB of your old storage area. More information you can find in BGU_Home_Directory.html