Web Home Page


You can create a personal home page inside our department which can be accessed by,




To create your home page you need to:


a. Create a .html directory in your home directory (Computer Science Department)

if you can't create the directory in Windows  do it from Linux:

Go to Start => run => cmd => 

Enter your username and password

Creating directory:  


b. Inside .html create an index.html or index.php file which will be you leading home page:

Enter to .html by : 

Creating the index file: 


c. Make sure that your home dir & .html has least 711 permissions (so that the web server will be able to read files under ~/.html):

in order to change permission to home dir: 

to change permission to .html: 


d. The files under .html should be world readable (permission 755)  : 


Your personal home page must be noncommercial and must not contain any

 illegal or offensive data.​