Computer Science Mail


As in Computer science department we have different user accounts that the Computation Center, we also have an

Independent Mailing System:


1. Webmail –

    This is a web browsing mailing system which was created  for the users of our department and can be accessed from anywhere via any browser.

    Another great feature of this browser is the many options to restore mail.






You can also access from our homepage -






2. Pine – is a text based tools which can be executed on any Linux / Unix O.S's .

    To use this application you need to connect to one of the department computers (Unix / Linux O.S)

    so if you want to use this tools from home you need first to telnet to one of our department server:

    go to Start => run => cmd =>


    Enter your username and password after that type pine




For more information about pine -




3. Configuring Mailing Tools like – Outlook , Outlook Express , Evolution , Mozilla Mailer …

    To configure any of these tools you need to set the following variables when you create an account:


    Display Name                                              -   Any name you wish to use.

    E-mail Address                                            -

    Incoming Mail Server connection type           -   IMAP        (you can use pop3 - unadvisable)

    Incoming Mail Server (Incoming)                  -

    SMTP Mail Server (Outgoing)                      -

    Account (USER) name                                 -  YOUVRUSERNAME

    Password                                                    -   YOURPASSWORD



Mail Forwarding:


·                    If you want to forward all your mail from CS mail to BGU mail:

In your home dir (in Unix) create file .forward that contains email address –


·                    In order to forward all your BGU mail to CS mail:

Go to mail, choose options:




Choose settings. Following window will appear:




Mark the "Enable forwarding", if you don't want get mail on both servers mark "Do not leave copy on server".

In "Email Address" fill CS email address and click on "Add", the email address will appear in "Mail Forwarding list"

After all click on "save" (in right corner).