Connecting to BGU Home Directory (Computation Center S:)


1. Windows OS - automatic:

      When you login, a black screen (DOS) will appear:





    If you have the same password in Computation Center as you have in our domain than this is done automatically,

    otherwise you need to enter you CC password and the S: drive will appear.


2. Windows OS – manual:

     Left Click on My Computer, and choose Map Network Drive:




     And the following window will open:



 - choose a drive letter


 - type the following at the window below , put your username instead of USER


 - mark this window if you want to keep this mount for every log on.



If your password for windows is different than that of Computation Center (your BGU password) click on 

and in the following window enter your username (press bgu-users\YOURUSERNAME) and the Computation Center password.