Jun. 13, 2018

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Above: Serial tech entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg with BGU President Rivka Carmi. 

Beer-Sheva-born and raised serial technology entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg will inaugurate ten undergraduate and graduate scholarships in BGU's Department of Computer Science. It will be his first ever philanthropic donation. The scholarships will support 5 female and 5 male students to complete a full three year BA or full two year MSc in Computer Science at BGU. Hogeg said he was impressed with the caliber of students BGU produces. 

“We are happy to start here in Beer-Sheva. The best engineers in our group, when we compare them to other universities, came from here, from Beer-Sheva. There's a student community here that produces good ideas, good teams and good harmony. We really see that our best people by a large margin come from this university and therefore we chose here, among other reasons," he declared. 

During Hogeg's visit on Tuesday with his wife Inbal, he met with BGU President Prof. Rivka Carmi, toured the campus, and spoke at the department's awards ceremony for outstanding students. 

Hogeg is the Co-Founder & Chairman of The Singulariteam Technology Group as well as the Founder & Co-CEO of Sirin Labs. He is considered by many to be one of the most fruitful entrepreneurs in Israel, and its most active investor in Blockchain ventures. Hogeg established the scholarships in honor of Israel's 70th Anniversary and his efforts to apply blockchain technologies. 

Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar​, chair, Department of Computer Science, “We are in an era where computer science touches upon and even revolutionizes every aspect of our lives, and the Department of Computer Science at BGU is at the forefront of academic excellence. Today we are celebrating those who achieved extraordinary results through daring, curiosity, perseverance and a hunger not to settle for what already exists. We are proud of all of you. We are also celebrating the computer science family and the connection the department has with people and organizations who have tied their fate to ours, including a new friend who joins us this year." 

“I am quite moved to stand here," Hogeg said, “I studied here as a high school student, Mekif Zayin was once on the edge of campus. It is very moving to close the circle. 

“As an investment in this important resource, the human brain," he continued, “my wife and I decided to fund these scholarships. My wife also insisted, rightfully so, to distribute them equally between men and women. We were very happy to see that the Department of Computer Science has a really extraordinary ratio of women to men.  And since the department already excels at it, is a good reason to strengthen it even more." 

Regarding his new field of interest, “The blockchain field that we have been investing in tremendously in the last two years is fascinating. I feel like there is an extraordinary opportunity at this stage, very similar to 1998-9 when the internet started to boom, regarding everything related to protocols of distributed servers and protocols of transferring value from one person to another, and I think the more we invest and adopt this field today the better it will be for our country in the long term."

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Above: Serial tech entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg (right) with Dept. of Computer Science Chair
Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar (middle).