Dec. 03
- Dec. 07

Tel Aviv, Israel

​​​Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity (<><>) will be held on December 3-7, 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel.

The aim of Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity is twofold. First, the event will highlight several recent, exciting advances in the field of Parameterized Complexity. Second, to attract new researchers to work in this ubiquitous, vibrant field of research, the program will also include a preparatory school at the level of an introductory course. We thus invite both graduate students and established researchers to participate in Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity. A central theme in the program is future directions in Parameterized Complexity. The lectures will be given by invited speakers as well as the organizers.

Central challenges and directions for future research will be discussed as part of the program, and the Parameterized Algorithms book (<><>) will be freely distributed to interested registered participants. A symbolic registration fee will be required to partially cover expenses related to meals and beverages. Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity will also include a social event.

As space might be limited, interested participants are requested to register as soon as possible.

Invited Speakers:
- Piotr Faliszewski
- Daniel Marx
- Shmuel Onn
- Michal Pilipczuk
- Uri Zwick

- Fedor V. Fomin
- Daniel Lokshtanov
- Saket Saurabh
- Hadas Shachnai
- Meirav Zehavi

Recent Advances in Parameterized Complexity is funded by the European Research Council.