Jul. 28, 2015
Zangen was recognized for his research into “Safety and efficacy of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation for major depression.”

The Juludan Fund offers annual prizes for outstanding research in the application of modern scientific or engineering techniques to medicine, which holds the potential of developing processes, products, or devices having practical application. The prize is administered by the Technion. 

The main aim of Zangen’s lab is the study of the brain reward system. He and his team are interested in critical alterations within the brain reward system that are associated with pathological conditions, and how localized electromagnetic stimulation of these networks can affect such conditions in animal models and in humans. They study both molecular and electrophysiological alterations in reward-related networks that are associated with and may cause depression, addiction and attention deficit disorders. They employ localized brain stimulation methods in animal models and humans to study and potentially treat these pathologies.