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Congratulations to Mobileye Founder and BGU Graduate Ziv Aviram

Mar. 15, 2017


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev congratulates its graduate, Ziv Aviram, founder, president and CEO of Mobileye on his success, which is a source of pride and inspiration to the entire BGU family. 


It was announced this week that Intel will buy Mobileye for $15 billion. 


Aviram graduated with a degree in industrial engineering and management in 1984. Prior to Mobileye, he successfully headed and restructured Keter Plastic, Gali and Attrakzia. 


Mobileye launched in 1999 to improve road safety through car-mounted driver assistance systems.  Mobileye N.V. is the global leader in the development of computer vision and machine learning, data analysis, localization and mapping for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous driving. The Company's proprietary software algorithms and EyeQ® chips perform detailed interpretations of the visual field in order to anticipate possible collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, animals, debris and other obstacles. The Company's products are also able to detect roadway markings such as lanes, road boundaries, barriers and similar items; identify and read traffic signs, directional signs and traffic lights. 


Mobileye will be working with BMW and Intel to develop fully autonomous vehicles by 2021.