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Dr. Louisa Meshi to receive Krill Prize

Feb. 06, 2012

Dr. Louisa Meshi of the Department of Materials Engineering will be awarded the prestigious Krill Prize from the Wolf Foundation next month for excellence in scientific research. The prize totaling $10,000 will be presented at a ceremony to be held on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. Dr. Meshi is one of the six winners of the award this year.

Dr. Meshi is a graduate of the Department of Materials Engineering at BGU and completed all three of her degrees in the department. After completing a post-doctorate in the Department of Physics at the University of Bristol, England, she worked at the Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (IKI) as Director of the Electron Microscopy Unit. In 2009 she joined the Department of Materials Engineering as a lecturer and was recently accepted as a member of the IKI. In 2011 she was appointed chair of the undergraduate teaching committee in the Department of Materials Engineering. While completing her doctorate, Dr. Meshi won several prestigious awards, including the Wolf Prize for excellence in doctoral research and the Lev Margulis prize for excellent study in the field of electron microscopy, awarded by Israel Society for Microscopy.

Dr. Meshi is an active member of several professional associations around the world: She is a member of the committee of the Israel Society for Microscopy, Secretary of Special Interest Group (SIG 4) on Electron Crystallography within the framework of the European Crystallographic Association, and was recently elected to the commission on electron crystallography of the International Union of Crystallography. She has organized international schools (one in Belgium and one in Italy) on the study methods of electron crystallography,  chaired microsymposia at conferences on crystallography and electron microscopy in Israel and abroad and has won several prestigious grants (including a GIF young and F.I.R.S.T. (ISF) award). Dr. Meshi’s research group consists of six students studying for master’s degrees and who are engaged in various issues related to the development of electronic crystallography methods.

Initiated in 2005 by the Krill family, six prizes of $10,000 each are awarded annually in life sciences, medicine, agriculture, engineering and exact sciences. Selection is made by the Wolf Foundation Scholarships Committee on the basis of an untenured candidate's excellence and the importance of his or her research field.

The Wolf Foundation was established in Israel in 1975 by inventor, diplomat and philanthropist Dr. Ricardo Wolf, "to promote science and art for the benefit of mankind."