Feb. 27, 2012
אלי שטרן.jpgGeography and Environmental Development Department Prof. Eliahu Stern was honored by the Israel Planners Association over the weekend. The Association bestowed upon him its Planners Award for 2012.
Stern has been teaching and researching at the University since 1976. He did his PhD in Geography, Urban Planning and Transportation Planning at the University of Minnesota in the US. He was one of the founders of the Israeli Association of Transportation Planning and Research (1985-1987). He is a past president of the Israeli Geographical Association (1990-2) and a former chair of the Israel Planners Association (2001-6). Today, he serves as chair of the Israeli UNESCO Forum for Universities and Heritage.
The prestigious award is given annually for conspicuous and continuing contributions to planning in Israel. Stern is one of the most senior planners in Israel.
The judges, led by Prof. Baruch Kipnis, noted “His intense and continuous involvement in the field of planning spans 40 years. His contributions have been extremely notable, both through his specific projects and his overall professional activity, including developing the field of planning methodologically, scientifically and academically, and his public activities on behalf of the community of planners.”
The award was given during the Association’s annual conference on February 23 at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. His co-recipients included Prof. Rassem Khamaisi of Haifa University (a former student of Prof. Stern’s) and the Technion’s Prof. Michael Meyer-Brodnitz.