MK Prof. Avishay Braverman  1990-2006

Avishay BravermanMK Prof. Avishay Braverman received his B.A. from Tel Aviv University and his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University.  He has served as a Senior Economist and Division Chief for the World Bank, where he led research, policy work and project evaluation worldwide, focusing on balanced economic development and justice.

He was elected BGU President in 1990 and served in this capacity until 2006, at which point he resigned to pursue a political career. During his tenure, the nearly insolvent University that he found upon arrival was transformed into a fiscally-sound institute that has more than tripled in size as it transformed into an internationally-recognized research institute.

In March 2006, he was elected as a member of the Israeli Parliament representing the Labor Party.


Prof. Chaim Elata  1985-1990

Chaim ElataProf. Chaim Elata graduated from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, receiving his Master’s Degree in 1957 and his Doctorate of Science in 1961. 

He began his Academic career in 1961, as an Associate Professor at the Technion and joined BGU in 1974, serving as the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Dept. and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.  He left BGU for a short period in order to serve as the Chief Scientist for the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.  In 1984 he returned to BGU to serve as Rector, before being elected President in 1985. 

Maj-Gen (Res.) Shlomo Gazit  1982-1985

Shlomo Gazit Maj-Gen. Shlomo Gazit was an officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and director of Military Intelligence from 1974 to 1978. He served as the head of assessment in IDF intelligence before the Six Day War and in 1967 was appointed to lead "The Unit for the Coordination of Operations in the Territories."


In 1979-1980, he was a Fellow at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, and in 1983 he received his Master’s Degree in History from Tel Aviv University.

After his retirement from active military duty, Gen. Gazit was elected President of BGU and served from 1982 to 1985.


Ambassador Yosef Tekoah  1975-1981

Yosef Tekoah Ambassador Yosef Tekoah studied at the University l’Aurure in Shanghai, China, graduating as a Licensie en Droit (LL.B.).  He received his MA at Harvard University, and in 1947-1948 he was an instructor at Harvard in International Relations.

A long time Israeli diplomat, he held a number of political positions in Israel and around the world, including numerous posts as Legal Advisor, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations. 

He left politics in order to serve as President of BGU from 1975 to 1981, after which he served as Chancellor of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, until his death in 1991.

Prof. Moshe Prywes   1973-1975

Moshe Prywes Moshe Prywes resigned from his position at the Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical School in order to become the 1st President of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He served as president from 1973 to 1975, at which point he resigned in order to devote his energies to creating a unique medical institution at BGU, which he dubbed "The Beer-Sheva Experiment."

He became the Founding Dean of the Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School.

Prof. Moshe Prywes passed away in 1998.